What Matters Now?

The Journey

So you may be asking: Just what is this journey of 1000 days?

Well, I woke up for the third time from a recurring nightmare. Too much to go into here right now. But the next thing that happened was a message resounding through my soul: you can’t take it with you! And shortly after that my world seemed to completely fall apart. However, a dear friend, Dr Melody, sent me the link to Just be Held, a song by Casting Crowns. And the message was: Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.

Wow, what a powerful message!

And shortly after listening to this song, many, many times, I got the message, during my meditation, resounding through my soul: Journey of 1000 Days. In the following days of meditations, I kept asking what this is about! And it then it all fell into place. When in my life was I the happiest and most fulfilled? When I was traveling the globe, speaking and sharing life transforming strategies and principles.

You Can’t Take It With You!

Soon after I decided to release everything that was holding me back from doing just that! “You can’t take it with you!” played over and over again in my heart and soul…it was clear to me that I owned nothing…all of it owned me! And to leave a legacy worth remembering meant letting go of “stuff” and beginning a journey of 1000 days.

Doing what?

Interviewing everyone and anyone who has undergone a huge loss (maybe a loved one, or maybe their entire family in a tragic event, or perhaps everything they thought was important to them, such as their home and “stuff” in an act of nature, the list goes on…) The journey will begin in the US, then Canada, and then the world.

And each person will be asked a life transforming question: What Matters Now?

This question came out of a discussion with my dear friend, Beate…and we both realized in the moment that I asked her this question, that it was the question everyone asks themselves after losing everything that they thought was important to them. Often these losses are sudden and unexpected, though not always. And, in fact, a sudden huge win can also create havoc and chaos in someone’s life…another story for another day!

There is much more to share! But for now, I just wanted to provide a heads up about this new website, and what it’s all about. We are so looking forward to building a huge global heart-centered community, connecting all of us at our heart level, and centered in LOVE.


There’s Just Too Much Hate in This World

Martin Luther King Jr’s quote is a perfect foundation for the Journey of 1000 Day’s Peace Movement/Mission: “I have decided to stick with love…hate is too great a burden to bear.”

It’s time to become united in the only experience that can save our precious planet: LOVE. And this Journey of 1000 Days has only one purpose…to create a solid united, loving, caring, compassionate, respectful, accepting, peaceful community. And no matter where we live on this earth, or what our race, creed, color, religion or philosophy is, everyone of us has asked this question of ourselves, or our loved ones, at least once in our lifetime! What matters now?

And the best part is that we have the url…in development at the moment…WhatMattersNow.global…as well as JourneyOf1000Days.love! Talk about synchronicity – .global and .love come together to make this journey one of “Global Love”! Awesome, right? How does it get any better than that? God and the Universe are definitely conspiring to make all of this a reality!

The objective is to do at least 1000 live and recorded interviews over 1000 days…

And post them on this new site: JourneyOf1000Days.Love – yes there is actually a url using .Love!), as well as everywhere and anywhere possible.

Thanks for joining me on this loving journey of a lifetime…the Journey of 1000 Days!

Much Love

Dr Marilyn

PS: We want to read, share and celebrate your own personal triumph over adversity (i.e. any tragedy, catastrophe, illness or loss of a loved one that you have experienced). And then answer the life-defining question: What Matters Now? Just click here to get to the blogposts page, click on the most recent post at the top of the page, and after you read the post, add your thoughts in the comments section, and then share your own story with us. Let’s co-create a huge global, love and compassion based, peace movement on this beautiful Earth in our lifetime!